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"The limits of my language  mean the limits of my world."
Ludwig Wittgenstein

My Services

1-on-1 standard lessons

Classes tailored to your language goals with a focus on customizing content according to your interests: exam preparation, general language improvement, conversation classes, professional sector...

PRICE: $20 / 1 Lesson

PRICE: $72 / 4 Lessons

PRICE: $128 / 8 Lessons

1-on-1 for kids

Classes adapted to capture children's attention and help them learn the language in a natural, progressive and dynamic way. Class content review, exam preparation or conversation based classes, you choose.

PRICE: $20 / 1 Lesson

1-on-1 Chinese lessons

Learn the most widely spoken language in the world in an interesting and engaging way, understanding how the language works. No matter if you want your children to start learning this language, which is so useful nowadays, or if you are an adult looking to improve your resume and broaden your horizons, learning Chinese is the best option to choose.

PRICE: $25 / 1 Session

1-on-1 personal growth & finance mentoring

(For these mentorships it is necessary to have a high-intermediate knowledge of the language in order to get the most out of them).

If you are looking to put your personal or work priorities in order, improve your productivity or time management systems or organize your personal finances in an effective and efficient way, this is the place for you. With these mentorships we can visualize, discuss and improve your current systems to boost all your projects and ambitions while making the most of your resources.

PRICE: $30 / 1 Session

Why you should start learning with me: 

Enhance your English language 

Take the plunge and improve your knowledge of the language in a natural, enjoyable and progressive way.

Learn something new in the process 

My method adapts to your personal and/or professional interests, making the experience go beyond learning the language.

Fun ride towards success

This merger will cause your learning to boost while you enjoy the whole process.

GET started

now and take your knowledge

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Here’s what people are saying about my lessons and courses


Tourism Manager

When I met Alba, I thought that classes would be like the 'typical academy' English lessons, but nothing farther than reality.

Her method is so useful and adapted to your level and your interests, in my case. Apart from grammar, she teaches specific vocabulary and useful language for current and real topics, and gives extra materials to support the learning (listening exercises, videos, recommendations about films or series...). In addition, classes are completely online which is so comfortable if you don't have too much time to attend face-to-face lessons.

If you want to learn English with a different, enjoyable and useful method, Alba is your perfect teacher!



My goal is to speak and write in English for business transactions. My classes with Alba are individual and 100% online. My feeling is positive: the evaluation is constant, so she always adjusts the session to my learning pace. She proposes new challenges in addition to the classic grammar exercises with interactive support, this is very stimulating.

I recommend her for all ages and levels, because she knows how to adapt to each profile, plus her character will make you feel comfortable to let go and achieve, little by little, the desired fluency in the language.

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About Teacher Alba, 

Alba is a 26 year old teacher, who has been teaching English since she was 19 years old in different environments and contexts, different countries and with a wide variety of contents, ages, levels and objectives.

She sees in languages the power of infinite learning and the way to grow as a person both personally and professionally. These years of experience teaching English have made him come to the conclusion that language learning must go beyond grammar rules and vocabulary lists. . 

The goal here is for you to enjoy the process while getting closer to your goals.

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