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1-on-1 standard lessons

Learn and improve your English level in an interesting way with a conversational approach. Use the 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) on topics of your interest and achieve your languge goals while learning something new.

PRICE: $20 / 1 Lesson

PRICE: $72 / 4 Lesson

PRICE: $128 / 8 Lesson

1-on-1 English for Engineers

Technical English focus. More than a class, you'll be getting a coaching session on how to communicate the most complex and technical topics in a simple and friendly way. Get ready for that important presentation, write and publish your technical article without mistakes, and more.

PRICE: $25/Lesson

1-on-1 Mentoring for Freelancers

Put the language in your favor to make it get you some extra money!

With more than 5 years of experience as a freelancer, I'll guide you through the process of selecting the tools and finding your way to become successful and make of your side hustle your personal business.

PRICE: $30/Session 

Introduction to Dividend Investing

(For these mentorships it is necessary to have a high-intermediate knowledge of the language in order to get the most out of them).

Are you interested in learning how to put your money to work for you towards your future retirement? Or do you have some spare money and you would like to have it gain some value against inflation?

Learn everything you need to manage your own dividend stocks portfolio. I have 2 years in dividend investment with 15% average returns and a stable 4% dividend yield.

PRICE: $40/Session 

What you get with these services

Personal Service

Get the session prepared for your personal objectives. Never leave a session without a doubt, get your questions answered at the moment.

Balanced Learning

Find the balance between practicing your English skills and learning something new in the process. 

Achieve your Goals

Set a realistic goal before your session and you'll have everything you need to achieve it by the end of the session. Get the steps and the tools to achieve bigger goals.

"Knowledge must be shared for society to grow"

Join me in a journey that will change the way you think of acquiring a language. Maybe you are an engineer needing to communicate your ideas in English, you want to work on your own to earn some extra money, you want your money to work for you, or you just want to practice and improve your communicational skills, no worries... I've got you covered. Select what you want to do next from the menu above and let's work on it together. You don't have to do it alone.

Tita Paris ‧ Coach

Ever since I can remember, I've been trying to take an English course, but I neve managed to finish one. I knew how important it was to complement my professional training, but I never got hooked up with the language. I found it boring and complicated.

But the experience changed when I had the opportunity to study English with Carlos and the TSI team, who, apart from being an excellent teacher, made English part of his life, and when you are coherent with what you say, think and do, it is impossible not to get good results.

And that's how Carlos is, a mix of technical and life lessons that encouraged me to learn in a short time what I couldn't in years... So, thank you Carlos for your passion and how you transmit it to your students. Now, my daily life in the USA is much easier... I will be your student forever...

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