Learn the language and train your brain!

The more you work it out: the better it works for you 

Did you know that language learning is one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp, make it work faster and boost your overall efficiency? Let me help you discover your learning potential, and use my "mind reading" skills to make the studying process enjoyable and almost effortless.

Why me?

  • I am multilingual 
    I was born in Russia, but taught both Russian and English as I was growing up. I moved to Spain to continue my educational path. I use all the languages daily for my studies,  job and private life, so basically I speak, think, dream and live in 3 languages interchangeably.
  • I am a qualified language specialist
    B.A. : Translation, interpretation & cross-culture communication (2012) ❘ M. A.: Applied Linguistics (Language acuisition and teaching) (2019)❘ Ph. D.: Cognitive Linguistics (2020 - now) 
  • My main interest: connections between cognition and language
    I actively use the finding of my research in class to find the methods that work with the  type of thinking and cognitive patterns of each of my students, to make the my classes truly in line with the way one learns organicly. 

Catherine's Services

1-on-1 standard lessons

Improve or maintain your general level of English: polish your grammar and expand your vocabulary using authentic materials and a conversational approach. The goal is to make your use of the language more confident, fluent, and accurate and develop a series of language-related habits.

PRICE: $20 / 1 Lesson

PRICE: $72 / 4 Lessons

PRICE: $128 / 8 Lessons

Exam Preparation

These classes are specifically focused on getting you ready for the exam of your choice using the up-to-date materials. Get all the tips and tricks you need to pass your exam with the desired score and without any unnecessary worries. Exams I have successfully prepared my students for include: Cambridge range of exams (KET - CPE), Oxford Test of English, Trinity, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, DuoLingo English Test, CELPIP (English/any level score), DELE (Spanish), ТРКИ (Russian / any level).

PRICE: $20 / 1 Lesson

PRICE: $72 / 4 Lessons

PRICE: 128 / 8 Lessons

1-on-1 English for Artists

Are you a visual thinker or do you think the world is filled with music? Ditch the conventional grammar explanations and let’s learn about The Art Of Language through images, sounds, metaphors, and feelings. 

PRICE: $25 / 60 minutes

1-on-1 “Language Therapy”

Using the findings of Cognitive science - let's talk about self-esteem, the way our thoughts affect reality, and - who knows - maybe a new language brings in new thoughts, new inspiration, and a new worldview!

PRICE: $25 / 60 minutes

What do students say?

Catherine is a wonderful teacher, a real professional. Our classes are made very correctly and effectively, where we can improve every skill of language. Ekatetina tries to plunge into "lively" language, to show the culture in full size and explain the patterns of language and its application in life. During our classes we work through all skills not by boring mechanical actions, but with the help of the modern authentic methods. So classes pass in a very interesting and educational form. Moreover, Catherine is a very friendly and patient person, who can create comfortable atmosphere during our classes. That allows to study language with pleasure and love.


Student of humanitarian science

Thanks to Catherine for the lessons! They are always held at a high level, she explains everything in great detail and clarity. Each lesson is carefully prepared, where listening and games are used. We always analyze the homework in detail and pronounce the previous material. Catherine is a wonderful teacher who loves her job, because every lesson is easy and fun. I started learning the language from scratch and I feel great progress with each lesson. I am very glad that I am studying with Catherine! Thanks!


Theatre administrator

Classes with Catherine are authentic learning experiences. Respect your times to assimilate content and from the first day you feel that you can communicate in English, regardless of your level. Her classes are fun and her conversations "magical". Attending her classes, made it easier for me to expand my knowledge of English and most importantly, to be more fluent in expressing myself in English. She is wonderful.


Corporate manager

With Catherine I have improved my English in a professional and entertaining way



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