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Take full control of what, when and how you will be learning. Find out more about your personal interests all while practicing the language.

"One language sets you in a corridor for life.

Two languages open every door along the way."

Frank Smith

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    A variety of fast and direct methods
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    Learn skills related to your particular interests
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    Personalized feedback and encouragement
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    Learn anything you want from anywhere you are

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Having different backgrounds, we are here to share with you more than just linguistic knowledge. Our team is truly diverse in terms of knowledge, specialties and methodologies so we can assure you that we have the ideal teacher or coach for you and your goals. Click and join us!

What they say...

Ever since I can remember, I've been trying to take an English course, but I neve managed to finish one. I knew how important it was to complement my professional training, but I never got hooked up with the language. I found it boring and complicated.

But the experience changed when I had the opportunity to study English with Carlos and the TSI team, who, apart from being an excellent teacher, made English part of his life, and when you are coherent with what you say, think and do, it is impossible not to get good results.

And that's how Carlos is, a mix of technical and life lessons that encouraged me to learn in a short time what I couldn't in years... So, thank you Carlos for your passion and how you transmit it to your students. Now, my daily life in the USA is much easier... I will be your student forever...


Tita Paris ‧ Coach

Catherine is a wonderful teacher, a real professional. Our classes are made very correctly and effectively, where we can improve every skill of language. Catherine tries to plunge into "lively" language, to show the culture in full size and explain the patterns of language and its application in life.

During our classes we work through all skills not by boring mechanical actions, but with the help of the modern authentic methods. So classes pass in a very interesting and educational form. More over Catherine is a very friendly and patient person, who can create comfortable atmosphere during our classes. That allows to study language with pleasure and love.

Victoria ‧ Student of humanitarian science

I had the great experience of being able to improve my English level thanks to you Carlos, and the TSI team.

I remember that I was given the opportunity to go to the United States to study and play baseball, but I had to take the TOEFL first, and I had less than two months to study and prepare myself for the exam.

Thanks to his classes, I was able to improve my writing, reading, speaking and listening skills with excellent tools, which were both practical and dynamic. I was able to pass the exam and get a good score with little time to preapare. I recommend him 100%!!!

Ricardo Paris ‧ Business Administration/Baseball player

When I met Alba, I thought that classes would be like the 'typical academy' English lessons, but nothing farther than reality.

Her method is so useful and adapted to your level and your interests, in my case. Apart from grammar, she teaches specific vocabulary and useful language for current and real topics, and gives extra materials to support the learning (listening exercises, videos, recommendations about films or series...). In addition, classes are completely online which is so comfortable if you don't have too much time to attend face-to-face lessons.

If you want to learn English with a different, enjoyable and useful method, Alba is your perfect teacher!

Manuel de Lara ‧ Tourism manager 

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