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Having different backgrounds, we are here to share with you more than just linguistic knowledge. Our team is truly diverse in terms of knowledge, specialties and methodologies so we can assure you that we have the ideal teacher or coach for you and your goals. Come and meet us!



Content Variety

At TSI we do not limit ourselves to teaching English, our purpose is to learn and discover new horizons through English, so your classes or mentoring sessions will be doubly productive since you will be able to work on topics of your interest or that are relevant to you while improving your level of the language.


Different Students, Different Methodologies

We know that there is no magic method for learning English, so for us it is vital to adapt to the student and listen to their needs and objectives. In this sense, you will obtain a learning system that adapts to your expectations and your own English learning goals.


Flexibility 100%

Learning is not a linear process and therefore it is necessary to adapt to changes and make the most of them. With us you will always have the possibility to adapt and modify your classes, their content and the system you want to use.

Meet The Team

Who we are and what we offer...

personal growth | lifestyle

Alba Rodriguez

Hello everyone! I am a young unstoppable explorer who sees in languages the power of infinite learning and the way to grow as a person both on a personal and professional level. With over 6 years of experience teaching English in different countries and contexts, I have come to the conclusion that learning a language must go beyond grammar rules and vocabulary lists. . My aim is to make you enjoy the process as you get closer to your goals.

freelancing | investing

Carlos Collantes

Hello there! I'm a mechanical engineer and vocational English teacher dedicated to sharing the knowledge I have gained through my studies and life experiences. I created Todo Sobre Inglés to help Spanish speakers who wanted to learn English and it has escalated. Now, I want to offer you the opportunity to learn from freelancing to investing, and even engineering topics while using the English language.

LINGUIstics | psychology

Catherine Y.

Hey, I'm Catherine and I am soon to be a Doctor of Cognitive Linguistics. You can really tell that human mind and languages truly fascinate me and that's why I spend plenty of time researching about it. I also spend a lot of time composing some music and watching Ru Paul's drag race. I used to play in a band for quite a while and can't wait to hit the stage again. I've been living abroad for a long time and I love everything that blends different cultures together.

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